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I think we’d all agree that the more self-supporting our businesses are the more successful they will be. All of our businesses require a unique set of resources to reach our goals, but there is a single resource that is common to every one of them, and that is “Human Resources”!

Utopian State of, Inc. is a Social Media-driven Collective Impact Initiative dedicated to providing everyone who lives and/or works in Lancaster County equitable access to the resources and support they require to reach their full potential! coordinates, facilitates and communicates the most effective and efficient use of our resources to ensure the achievement of our goals. resembles a “ for matching resources with those who require them in support of their personal development efforts.

A prerequisite to the achievement of the above is the existence of an environment that is conducive to one’s success. As such the most logical starting point would be the environment in which we live/work. For this reason we have chosen the Building Industry as the initial recipient of our Resource Development efforts.

Our initiative will not only transform the Lancaster County community, but will also create a pipeline that will develop a highly productive Workforce for the Building Industry’s present and future needs. Our advertising Partner Alpha Dog Advertising will provide continuous saturation of every form of media news of this transformation.

Our region is blessed with a wealth of highly skilled, but aging tradespeople and will insure the transfer of that knowledge base to our next generation of tradespeople. This will lead to Building Industry growth which will have a ripple effect throughout the economy as industries that support the Building Industry see an increase in demand, resulting in the need to expand their Workforce, thus creating other industry Workforce Development initiatives.

It is an inescapable fact that our private sector activities provide the support for the public sector to deliver its support services to the general public. The USOM Partners are sponsoring this Collective Impact initiative to combine our private and public sector efforts to better support our private sector, which in turn will enable the private sector to expand its support of the public sector. uses technology to its fullest to assess, plan and implement individual Workforce development plans. Our website will include but not be limited to resources, databases, life coaches, career coaches, profiles, blogs, success stories, testimonials, videos, motivational materials … communicates, coordinates and facilitates the most effective and efficient use of our resources to insure that everyone has equitable access to everything they need to reach their highest developmental capacity!

Although this is a seemingly unattainable goal, man-kind has proven over and over again that we are capable of achieving anything that we make a priority. is making people a priority!!   We have gone to the moon and are programming computers to do what was once thought to be impossible.

Just as we are programming computers to perform these unimaginable feats, that same methodology will be employed to program, manage and track individuals in their developmental efforts.’s #1 objective is supporting the development of Human Resources to their highest level of productivity. By participating you will be directly and proactively developing the talent our agencies and businesses require to perform at their optimal level. is Lancaster County’s demonstration of the power of a true Collective Impact initiative that will support and challenge everyone in our community to reach their full developmental potential as a productive resource, through our combined and committed effort.

USOM’s national replication has the potential to provide an economic boost of more than $2 Trillion exhibited as follows:

Income Taxes                                                                 $   880,000,000,000

Sales Taxes                                                                      $   640,000,000,000

Health & Human Services Savings                             $   480,000,000,000

Total Combined Economic Impact                             $ 2,000,000,000,000

We are presented with a unique opportunity/challenge that has the potential to transform not only our community, but perhaps the entire nation into a place where everyone thrives! It is USOM’s intent to drive a 1% annual reduction in the poverty rate essentially eradicating it over the next generation.

“We’re inviting the entire Commonwealth to join us in accepting this challenge to provide everyone equitable access to the resources they require to support their development into resources that support the development of other highly productive resources.”


You will be joining Lancaster City/County, Stevens College of Technology, Associated Builders and Contractors-Keystone, United Way of Lancaster County, Lancaster Housing Opportunities Partnerships, Lancaster County Council of Churches, Shipley Energy, Developers, Investors, Human Service Agencies and many others in this transformative Collective Impact process!

To be considered Collective Impact an initiative must meet the following five conditions:

Common Agenda: All participating organizations (government agencies, non-profits, community members, etc.) have a shared vision for social change that includes a common understanding of the problem and a joint approach to solving the problem through agreed upon actions.

Shared Measurement System: Agreement on the ways success will be measured and reported with a short list of key indicators across all participating organizations.

Mutually Reinforcing Activities: Engagement of a diverse set of stakeholders, typically across sectors, coordinating a set of differentiated activities through a mutually reinforcing plan of action.

Continuous Communication: Frequent communications over a long period of time among key players within and across organizations, to build trust and inform ongoing learning and adaptation of strategy.

Backbone Organization: Ongoing support provided by an independent staff dedicated to the initiative. The backbone staff tends to play six roles to move the initiative forward:[1] Guide Vision and Strategy; Support Aligned Activity; Establish Shared Measurement Practices; Build Public Will; Advance Policy; and Mobilize Funding. Introductory Video:


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