Social Media For Social Change

As everyone searches for ways to differentiate themselves from the competition, Utopian State of Mind (USOM) is offering a most innovative multipurpose marketing/branding platform that exponentially increases the impact of your advertising investment.

The USOM digital marketing platform combines a local focus with a global reach to accomplish the following:

  • Provides localized target marketing of your products/services
  • Supports the development of a high-performance workforce tailored to your needs
  • Shines a spotlight on your corporate citizenship efforts
  • Provides visibility for your workforce-development efforts/successes
  • Maximizes productivity and profitability

USOM is a social media–driven collective-impact initiative dedicated to providing everyone in your local market areas equitable access to the resources and support they require to reach their full potential.

USOM coordinates, facilitates, and communicates the most effective and efficient use of our resources to ensure the development of a world-class workforce.

We invite you to join our rapidly growing social enterprise as we equip every agency, business, and individual within our sphere of influence (local, national, global), access to the resources they need to perform at their highest possible level.

Advertisers are crediting USOM with significant increases in productivity and profitability, as they are being viewed as much more than just an employer or source of a paycheck. Rather, they are viewed as a partner who is proactively working with employees, and on their behalf, to support them and their families in reaching their full developmental potential.

These highly productive employees are maximizing their earnings capabilities and increasing their disposal income, which leads to increased consumption of consumer goods and services, including those produced by your organization.

We are very excited by the opportunity to demonstrate the power of our model, which is being recognized as an engine that is driving an economic resurgence totaling into the trillions of dollars.

We invite you to take a moment to review a recent article that appeared in MBE magazine to see how we are bringing the public and private sectors together in Pennsylvania to ensure that every business and agency is staffed with a workforce capable of achieving unprecedented results.

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