What it means to be a partner:


Utopian State Of Mind gives contributing Partners the fulfilling opportunity of helping those who are truly in need. USOM’s Partners allow individuals, who desire the opportunity, to use resources associated with the business world, giving them a higher likelihood to succeed and provide for themselves and their families. These Partners include: agencies, businesses, and professional individuals dedicated to supporting personal development so Participants are able to reach their full potential.


Brief description of Commercial:

Commercial Partners include organizations and individuals dedicated to providing the fundamental requirements and training Participants need to start their journey into the business world.

Brief Description Of Agency:

Agency Partners will provide resources such as social services for the Participants. Each resource will be stored in a database and pulled when there is a Participant in need of the specific resources whether it be child-care, therapy, etc.
Example: USOM Participant signs up for professional training but needs childcare. Agencies will connect Participants with commercial Partners to help solve the personal needs of the Participant.