What USOM can do for you:


At USOM, we believe everyone deserves the opportunity to succeed and  everyone plays a vital role in helping others achieve. USOM empowers individuals by providing them with the skills and services they need in order to elevate them to a better quality of life.

As a Participant, USOM will provide you with a personal assessment in order to find your untapped potential and start you on the path of expanding your abilities while providing additional personal educational services. Once evaluated and enrolled, Participants will be matched with key Partners to begin receiving support/training and becoming a contributing member of the community.

As you grow with your training and other life essential skills, USOM will work to help secure permanent job placement and set you on the path of providing for yourself, your family or other loved ones. All you have to do is awaken your desire to succeed. Growing responsibilities, financial stability, proper nutrition and the ability to influence future generations is at your fingertips.

Contact USOM Today and start building the future you deserve.

USOM’s provided resources:


  • Education/Training
  • Employment
  • Income/Finance
  • Family
  • Childcare

  • Housing
  • Nutrition
  • Transportation
  • Healthcare-(Physical/Mental)
  • Technology


Requirements to be a Participant:

  • Good attitude
  • Dedicated effort
  • Willingness to learn
  • Driven individuals who believe they are capable of more

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  • As a business leader, I feel it is important to support and invest in solutions that create positive circumstances for our community as a whole. USOM is about supporting those who want to improve their work skills and employment opportunities.
    Craig E. TroutFounder/President Alpha Dog Advertising
  • I was ready to give up and settle for where I was, but USOM showed me that reaching my goals wasn’t as hard as I thought!
    John, father of fourParticipant