Benefits of becoming a partner:


Participating businesses will contribute their resources to help create a nation of efficient overachievers working to set examples of hard work and dedication for future generations.Professional businesses  are resources that need to be used for the betterment of our society as a whole.

Participants will be given an assessment to determine what job will suit them best so when they get to the partners they can feel confident in the work that will be produced when training is complete. The most important benefit is that businesses have the power to enable an individual to provide for their family and in turn teaching their children the importance of hard work and earning. Increased training leads to increased job opportunities which leads to increased consumption resulting in increased production of good and services helping out every individual in our society.


Types of Businesses USOM is looking for:

USOM is looking for businesses with resources to contribute and positions to fill. Together we will utilize resources and skills to design programs for greatness where everyone gets their chance at success.

We want the best and most experienced tradespeople on our team to help train all of our participants in the field that will suit them best. These professionals will be the model for our participants to follow and continue to reproduce in their day to day lives. Businesses that are able to provide environments conducive to success are our ideal matches.

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