Benefits of becoming a partner:


Participating agencies will experience the satisfaction of supporting a disadvantaged individual while helping them construct their unique legacy to pass on to future generations. Agencies will contribute their support and resources to aid individuals in becoming contributing members within their communities. By providing training, education and other assistance you will increase and enhance our community’s workforce by developing candidates who match USOM’s commercial Partners’ standards of excellence.

Empowering individuals to become self-reliant is just one of USOM’s many goals. Self-sufficiency is the best way to raise self-esteem and a sense of community. Each individual or organization affiliated as a participating USOM Partner will feel the fulfillment received by providing future generations the support and help they need to ensure a better world for tomorrow.

Types of Agencies USOM is looking for:

USOM is looking for optimistic agencies who want to make a difference. We need Partners who are receptive to new ideas and are motivated to help our society grow in order to better itself for future generations.

Confidence is key when assigning an individual a path to their success and determining which course of action is best for them. USOM shares many goals with social service agencies and is looking for Partners who are willing to make those goals realities.

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