USOM Mission Statement


We will endeavor to enrich the lives of all people by providing opportunities for self-improvement, self-reliance, and education on how to succeed. Our ambition is to build an industry-driven workforce development process that will accomplish these six important goals:

To renovate properties into safe conditions that are freshly-painted, well-maintained, and have working systems.

To provide the community’s disadvantaged with employment training, development, planning, and support to enable them to become productive resources.

To serve as a targeted workforce development process that prepares individuals to take on increasing amounts of responsibilities in the community’s agencies and businesses.

To increase the demand of building industry-related products and services, which will increase employment opportunities within this industry.

To move individuals off welfare, enabling USOM to conquer the “2 Trillion Economic Challenge” one individual at a time.

To provide the next generation with access to the resources they require to reach their goals and full potential.


Welfare Statistics


Through the vision and efforts of USOM and contributing Partners, we have the tools needed to improve the current 15%-25% of U.S. citizens who live below the poverty level. About 1.7 billion people are estimated to live in absolute poverty worldwide, lacking basic human needs like water, nutrition, health care, education, clothing, and even shelter. One third of deaths are due to poverty-related causes; that is about 18 million people per year or 50,000 per day. Assisting individuals with opportunities for work and education will critically reduce poverty and in turn, create a community of individuals focussed on helping themselves, their families, and the people around them.



*Percentage of Americans on Welfare.