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Discover a Utopian State of Mind (USOM)


USOM believes that each and every one of us should have access to the tools and support we need to realize our full potential. At its core, USOM is the foundation of a new way of thinking and acting that goes beyond traditional social services or private sector volunteer programs, taking “Collective Impact” to a new level. It’s a commitment that starts and ends with every member of our community.

At USOM, we match companies (referred to as Partners) that are hiring with individuals (referred to as Participants) who are looking for work or training. Creating a match allows Participants to gain training and experience provided by Partners who, in turn, gain a stronger and dedicated workforce. USOM works with agencies, businesses and individuals, at all levels, to help them achieve the best future possible. A future, that involves everyone.


Together we can create a utopian state of mind.

  • As a business leader, I feel it is important to support and invest in solutions that create positive circumstances for our community as a whole. USOM is about supporting those who want to improve their work skills and employment opportunities.
    Craig E. TroutFounder/President Alpha Dog Advertising
  • I was ready to give up and settle for where I was, but USOM showed me that reaching my goals wasn’t as hard as I thought!
    John, father of fourParticipant